At My Chiro Mobility, our goal is to get you better in the fastest way possible by creating the most efficient and effective treatment plan to cater to your specific needs and reach your goals of recovery. This, however, can only happen when your environment is assessed and we thoroughly investigate what exactly you are doing that keeps re-aggravating your symptoms! Is it your pillow? your sleep position? The way you lift your child? Your work station/desk set up? Our days are full of different stresses on the physical body, if we can reduce or eliminate as much of your daily repetitive strain as possible, we can reduce the causes of your pain therefore stopping the broken record of temporary relief.

Assessing your Environment!

As part of your initial assessment Dr. Sabharwal will assess your environment as he gathers information on your pain symptoms and possible causes. By assessing your daily habits, he is able to enter your world and actually see how you perform your tasks as part of your pain investigation. He is then able to give ergonomic tips to reduce your overall physical strain therefore removing any possible causes for a slow or unsuccessful recovery.

Common Areas Usually Assessed

  • Use of cellular devices/computers
  • Your sleep posture
  • How you sit on your couch/common furniture
  • How you lift and carry your child
  • How you perform exercises during workouts
  • Driving/car seat posture
  • How you bend and lift
  • How you walk up/down your stairs.

The tiniest habits can create quite a bit of pain and discomfort overtime...